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National Nutrition Month

I love it when things line up just right, when several different events happen at about the same time in such a way that they can be woven into bigger story that makes a great blog post.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t … Continue reading

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National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Well, it has been a long month with a lot going on, so I’ve put off things that I’m not excited about until the last minute.  I guess that is something we all do, especially people over fifty.  You see, … Continue reading

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Cecile Richard on Conversations on Health Care

This afternoon, Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, spoke with Mark and Margaret on Conversations on Health Care.  She spoke about Planned Parenthood’s role in expanding access to health care for women, men and teens. The … Continue reading

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Pollen Count Soars! (In Georgia… Coming Soon to Connecticut)

Channel 11 out of Atlanta is running an article that starts Tuesday’s pollen is the worst it has been all year long as levels have almost tripled since Monday.  The latest pollen count is 2258, which puts the count into … Continue reading

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If It’s Good Enough for Google…

A few weeks ago, Margaret Flinter, Senior Vice President and Clinical Director of the Community Health Center, Inc. sent me an email suggesting that I ‘might really benefit from participating in’ the Stress Reduction Program that Beth Roth, MSN, runs … Continue reading

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Winter Blues and Other Stress

Monday morning was dark and rainy.  The melting snow added to the problems as flooding started to spread across parts of Connecticut.  It seemed like just about everyone I was talking with was having a rough day. Was it just … Continue reading

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Viewing CHC Through the Lens of a Diabetic Retinopathy Camera

There is an old saying that if you’ve seen one community health center, you’ve seen one community health center.  It reflects the great diversity of health centers across the country, but perhaps does not do justice to our sites.  One … Continue reading

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