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Welcome Home

I was born in Maine and grew up in Massachusetts, and I love the snow.  Well, most years I love the snow.  This year, however, with record snowfalls in Connecticut, it is starting to wear me down a bit.  As … Continue reading

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The Health Care Game

I am a big fan of games.  They are an important part of how we learn, whether it be coordination in hopscotch or socialization in tag, they are important in our education.  With computers, our relationship to games is changing.  … Continue reading

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This Week in Health Care News

Inside of CHC, we regularly share links to articles about health care issues, and it seems useful to try to create a summary of the weekly news.  In the world of marketing, two stories caught people’s attention.  Wal-Mart’s decision to … Continue reading

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Using the Monomyth as a Therapeutic Tool

Recently, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation published a report, Culturally Appropriate Storytelling to Improve Blood Pressure.  Their research found: African-Americans with uncontrolled high blood pressure benefited from an intervention using DVDs of real patients’ stories of how they dealt with … Continue reading

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Marc Wetherhorn on CHC Radio

Wednesday afternoon at 4:30, Advocacy Director for the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) Marc Wetherhorn will be the guest of the Conversations on Health Care Radio Show on WESU. You can listen to the show as it is … Continue reading

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Reflections for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

In 1944, according to an article in the New York Times, Martin Luther King, Jr. came to Connecticut as a young man to work on a tobacco farm.  In a letter to his father, he wrote, “After we passed Washington … Continue reading

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Live Tweeting Dan Hawkins on Conversations on Health Care

This afternoon, we live tweeted highlights this weeks episode of Conversations on Health Care with Dan Hawkins, senior vice president for policy and research at the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) The online conversation took place on CoverItLive

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CHC Opens School Based Health Center in Stamford

This week, CHC opened a new school-based health center at Domus’ Trailblazers Academy and Stamford Academy in Stamford.  It will bring on-site medical and mobile dental care to approximately 300 middle and high school students. The center, located at 83 … Continue reading

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Helping People Feel Better

The British Medical Association’s head of science and ethics, Dr Vivienne Nathanson recent spoke with the BBC about how ‘happy hospitals’ can save money “What people sometimes forget is that while helping people to feel better during their hospital stay … Continue reading

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Building Healthy Communities Online

Well, here we are.  My first blog post as Social Media Manager for Community Health Center’s new blog, Healthy Communities Online.  I’ve been blogging for many years with a lot of my focus on politics, education and journalism.  Much of … Continue reading

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